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Specialists of government structures visited the Dashly Island

22 July 2021
Specialists of government structures visited the Dashly Island

On July 16-17, the island of Dashly in the Caspian Sea, where a mud volcano erupted on July 4, was visited by the expeditionary group consisting of specialists from the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in order to determine the impact of the mud volcano on the environment. The expedition team inspected the area of the eruption of a mud volcano on the Dashly Island, took samples of the bottom and water.


The working group also included Eytibar Garaveliyev, head of the Macroseismic Researches department of the RSSC, doctor of philosophy in geology and mineralogy, associate professor. Experts surveyed the area with a drone, and the samples taken were sent to laboratories for testing. Garaveliyev noted that a 2-meter-high flame was still found in the crater of the mud volcano. In the area of the eruption, a massive extinction of birds and water snakes was discovered.

General director of the Republican Seismic Survey Center, corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Gurban Yetirmishli examined the samples recovered from the territory. The general director noted that these samples are important for scientific research. Elements, gases and heavy metals in samples and their amount will be studied. The general director said the study would take time and a conclusioncould only be made once it was completed.

Note that on July 4 at 21:51 a volcano erupted in the Caspian Sea on the Dashly Island. According to the Earthquake research Bureau of the RSSC, the eruption lasted 8 minutes. The volcano had a depth of 1.48 km and a force of 2.17 ml. Earlier, the eruption on the island of Dashly was recorded in 1945.

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