Republican Seismic Survey Center of the
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Republican Seismic Survey
Center of ANAS

Map of geochemical stations

 Stasionary geochemical station – (1979-2023 years)     

1. Baku city (“Bibiheybat"-1979 -2023)                        

2. Shamakhi (“Shamakhi"-1983-2023)                          

3. Sheki (“Sheki" 1981-2023)                                           

4. Lankaran (“Osakuche") -2001-2023)                   

5. Siyazan (“Boyuk Hamya"-2001-2023)

6. Khachmaz (“Mukhtadir "-2013 -2023)

Devices for geochemical research

İonomer İ-160М

Laboratory ionomer İ-160М, (Russian Federation)

İonomer - a device for measuring the activity hydrogen ions (pH)  and oxidation-reduction potential (Eh)

SpectrophotocolorimeterSP-2100 Spectrophotocalorimeter-a device for rapid measurement of the concentration of trace elements in water solutions

BDAB RM 1403- alpha (α) and beta (β) radiation detector.

The dosimeter-radiometer itself is a multi-functional device with a microprocessor controller and is designed for the measurement of radioactive rays for the search and detection of radioactive substances

ALFARAD +P "-radiometer

Measuring complex for radon monitoring "ALFARAD plus-R"

BVEK 590000.001 PC №3712, POLIMASTER (Russian Federation)

External view of the ventilation system and sampling unit blocks

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