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Rules of behaviour during an earthquake

Vibrations during an earthquake cause fear, nervousness and stress in a person. Therefore, when an earthquake occurs, people should try to be calm and discreet first.

In order to protect yourself during an earthquake, you should follow the following rules.


1. If you feel that the building or the ground is shaking, do not react nervously (screaming out of fear, doing actions that may affect the psychology of other people, etc.)
2. If you are indoors, get under the table or bed. If the doors are open, stand under the doorway or inside the corner of the room. Remember that during vibrations, the outer walls of the building may crack or fly first. Therefore, you cannot run to the window or stand under the window.
3. Do not stand near heavy objects (refrigerator, heavy furniture, etc.) during an earthquake. These objects can slip and fall on you.
4. Do not run away from the building or move on the stairs during an earthquake. This is quite dangerous. Stairs can fall.
5. If you live in a multi-story building, do not run to the elevator and stairs during an earthquake. Wait for the impulses to stop by standing under the doorway or in the inner corners of the room.
6. Do not jump out of the window during an earthquake. This could result in serious injury to you.
7. If you are in a public place during an earthquake, do not run to the place where there are more people. Choose a safer place for yourself. If you can, pull small children to a safe place as well.
8. Do not run in front of a high-rise building during an earthquake.
9. If you are in a car during an earthquake, do not park your car in front of bridges and high-rise buildings as much as possible.
10. During an earthquake, if you are in a two-story brick building or a building with a weak foundation, try to leave it immediately.
11. Don't forget that during an earthquake you can feel aftershocks for several times. So try to keep your restraint until the end.
12. The earthquake lasts for seconds. After the vibrations stop, pay attention to whether you or people around you are injured or not, whether there is a danger of tripping. Give first aid to injured persons.
13. Determine the safest way to get out of the building or house you live in before an earthquake, as an earthquake can happen at any time.
14. Determine in advance the safest places in your apartment (corners, doors, etc.) and take this into account when arranging furniture.
15. Close the gas, electricity and water lines in the apartment if they are not needed.
16. If possible, do not store heavy objects on the shelves and fix the bookshelves to the wall.
17. Keep the bag with the medicines necessary for first aid ready.
18. Place your bed away from heavy furniture and large windows.
19. In order to call for help in emergency situations, write the phone numbers of the necessary government agencies in your book in advance.

These phones are as follows:
1. Rescue service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan -112
2. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan -102
3. Emergency Medical Assistance-103

You can protect yourself from danger by taking safety measures during an earthquake.
In this regard, you can get acquainted with the video material prepared by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan from the link below.



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