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A meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the RSSC was held

6 December 2022
A meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the RSSC was held

On December 6, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council was held at the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS. At the meeting, reports were presented on the results of scientific and technical work carried out in 2022 in the relevant departments.

General Director of the RSSC, Corresponding Member of ANAS, Professor Gurban Yetirmishli said that 2022 was fruitful in terms of scientific and production work carried out at the Center and the results achieved. Noting that the process of installing seismic stations brought to our country within the framework of an international grant project has been completed, the General Director said that for the first time in the world, mud volcanoes are being monitored in Azerbaijan with the help of seismic stations. For this purpose, 12 seismic stations have been installed around the mud volcanoes of the Absheron Peninsula.

Noting that 2022 was a successful year for the Center in terms of increasing the scientific and organizational, as well as human resources, the General Director said that Islamova Shirin Karimbala, a senior researcher at the department of Dynamics of Earthquake Sources, is defending a scientific dissertation for a Ph.D. At the meeting, Shirin Islamova was awarded a diploma of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on awarding the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Earth Sciences.

Further, the reports on the work done were made by the deputy head of the "Earthquake Research Bureau" Rugiya Kerimova with the report "Peculiarities of the seismicity of Azerbaijan and adjacent regions", head of the department "Dynamics of Earthquake Sources", doctor of philosophy in geology and mineralogy, associate professor Sabina Kazimova "Research of earthquake sources, monitoring of mud volcanoes and the activities of the International Seismic Tomography Laboratory", head of the Geodynamics department, Doctor of Philosophy in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, associate professor Ilyas Kazimov with a report on geodynamic studies conducted in 2022, head of the department "Macroseismic Research", doctor of philosophy in geology and mineralogy, associate professor Eytibar Garaveliyev "Macroseismic, Engineering Seismological and Epicentral Research", Nadirshakh Khanbabayev, senior researcher, Magnetometry department, “Magnetometric Studies Conducted in 2022”, head of “Gravimetry” department Elchin Baghirov on gravimetric studies, Aybeniz Kerimova, researcher of the “Complex Geochemical Research” department, on the results of geochemical studies carried out during the year, Telman Djaferov, head of the "International Relations" department, on cooperation with foreign countries and international seismological organizations, head of the "Information" department Vusala Rafiggyzy, works performed in the field of information support and work with documents, Gulnara Alkhanova, head of the “Education” department, presented reports on the results of specialty classes and foreign language courses conducted to increase human resources, and answered questions on the topics presented.

The meeting ended with the adoption of reports by the Scientific and Technical Council. 

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