Republican Seismic Survey Center of the
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Republican Seismic Survey
Center of ANAS

Saatly seismic station

39.930 N, 48.360 E
History of Origin:

About the station

Saatli region is situated in the middle of the Mugan plain, on both sides of Araz River, at the height of 28 meters. It was created in 1943 as the independent area. Later, in 1963 it was attached to Sabirabad, but 2 years later again got the status of independent region. Etnonim Saatli arose in the 14th century, in the province Chukhur Saad, which is in the right side of Araz River, downstream the Arpachay river. Archaeological monuments relating to 2-3 centuries were found in such villages of this area as Azadkend, Fyatyalikend, Dzhafarkhan and Alisoltanla. Saatli has borders with Sabirabad, Imishli and Belasuvar.

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