Republican Seismic Survey Center of the
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Republican Seismic Survey
Center of ANAS

Lerik seismic station

38.640 N, 48.340 E
History of Origin:

About the station

The territory of the Lerik is surrounded with Talyshsky Mountains. In the South and the southeast borders with Yardymli, in the northeast with Lenkoran, in the northwest with Masalli, and in the southeast borders with Astara. Throughout all border with the Islamic Republic of Iran there are Talyshsky Mountains, to the North there are Peshtashar and Burabar mountains. Between ridges of Talyshsky and Peshtasharsky mountains there is a Zuvand (Diabarsky) lowland. The highest points are Komurdag (2492м) and Gyzyurd (2433м). At Lerik's zone there are dense woods. Lyric is considered a zone of long-livers of Azerbaijan. Known French writer Alexander Dumas visited this area while he was travelling across the Caucasus. On November 9, 1998 in this area there were 7 magnitude earthquakes. As a result of an earthquake in many constructions cracked, and some structures and fences were completely destroyed.

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