Republican Seismic Survey Center of the
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Republican Seismic Survey
Center of ANAS

Beylagan seismic station

39.720 N, 47.550 E
History of Origin:

About the station

Beylagan is one of administrative regions of the Azerbaijan Republic. The region has been organised in January, 1939. The region has been named in honor of the former head of the USSR Zhdanov. In 1963 the region has been abolished and joined with Imishli region. The centre was Imishli city. In 1964 was detached and has been renamed again into Zhdanov. Under the decision of the Supreme body of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic on March, 19th, 1989 the region has been named by ancient disruption city - Beylagan. Probably that the basis of the ancient city of Bejlagan has been put in IV century while city destruction in XIII century is fact. Pass of the Silk Way through this city unites it with such cities as the Barda, Gandzha and Tabriz.

In Beylagan there are some historical monuments. It inlcudes: the Sanctuary of Prophet Hazrati Chargiz, ruins of the ancient city of Beylagan concerning the Middle Ages (Orangala) and a top of Soltanbuda. 

The sanctuary of Prophet Hazrati Chargiza was constructed in XVII-XVIII centuries. The historical monument Orangala is located in 18km away from region near to village Kabirli. Here was located ancient city Beylagan. By the historical materials basically in V century Beylagan city was the largest trading and cultural centre of that time. In XIII century the city has been completely destroyed after attacks by of Mongol-Tatars. In XIV century city erection has been carried out by Emir Teymur but after his death city erection remains unfinished. Since XVI century the city has been again destroyed and not restored any more.


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