Republican Seismic Survey Center of the
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Republican Seismic Survey
Center of ANAS

Altiagach seismic station

40.860 N, 48.930 E
History of Origin:

About the station

The territory is mainly mountainous. Medieval historians called Khizin's territory Bermak district. Khizi is the closest to Baku among the administrative regions of the republic with mountainous terrain. The eastern part of the region is the Caspian coast. A very interesting natural phenomenon can be observed 10 km from the Baku-Rostov highway. Different geological rock layers create a landscape on the surface of the hills that is distinguished by its unique color. According to experts, a geological phenomenon similar to this can be found only in Death Valley in the United States, except here on Earth. One of the most beautiful reserves of Azerbaijan - Altyagac reserve is located in Khizi district. There are sand, gravel and high-quality clay resources in the region.

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