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Support of our army from Azerbaijani seismologists

30 September 2020
Support of our army from Azerbaijani seismologists

In response to the provocation committed by the armed forces of Armenia against the Azerbaijani territory on September 27 at 06:00 am, the Azerbaijani troops launched a counterattack and in a short time occupied strategic positions in 7 villages and in the occupied territories.

Azerbaijani seismologists believe that our army will soon liberate Karabakh and all our occupied lands, and declare that they are always, like soldiers, under the command of our Supreme Commander-in-Chief and together with our army. They support the successful policy pursued by our President.

To this end, todaythe Public Union of the Association of Seismologists of Azerbaijan transferred 10,000 manat to the Fund for Assistance to the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.

Victory is with us!

Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan!

May Allah protect our people and soldiers in this glorious battle!

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