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RSSC presented an annual report

29 December 2021
RSSC presented an annual report

On December 29, at the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS, a joint meeting of the Department of Earth Sciences ANAS and the Scientific and Technical Council of the Center was held. The meeting was attended by heads of scientific institutions and organizations belonging to the Department of Earth Sciences of ANAS, employees of the Department, members of the Scientific and Technical Council of the RSSC and heads of departments of the RSSC.

Before the beginning of the meeting, the memory of our martyrs who died in the Patriotic War and the employees of the Academy who died during the pandemic was honored with a minute of silence.


Academician Fakhraddin Gadirov, deputy chairman of the Scientific Council of the Department of Earth Sciences of ANAS, who chaired the meeting, said that discussion of the report on the scientific activities of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS in 2021 is on the agenda.

Then, the general director of the Center, corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Gurban Yetirmishli presented a report on the scientific activities of the Center in 2021. First, the general director provided detailed information on the work done by the Center in 2021 within the framework of State programs, grant projects and the status of their implementation, human resources, and work being done to improve personnel.

The results of seismological, geophysical and geochemical studies of the RSSC in 2021 were also presented. According to the general director, in 2021, the Center conducted an analysis of the seismicity of the territory of the republic based on data from 62 digital stations. At the moment, the Center has registered 14,652 earthquakes. 3960 of them are local (the territory of Azerbaijan), and 7975 are earthquakes in Azerbaijan and adjacent territories.


In 2021, 17 tangible earthquakes were recorded in Azerbaijan and adjacent territories. There were 61 earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 3 in Azerbaijan.

During the year, seismic activity was high in the Shamakhi-Ismayilli, Agstafa, Shahbuz district of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as well as in the Gusar-Guba and Talish zones. On the southeastern slope of the Greater Caucasus, in the Zagatala-Balaken area, seismicity was weak. At the same time, background seismicity was observed in the Caspian Sea. Seismicity was high on the Iranian-Turkish and Georgian-Armenian borders. In addition, eruptions of the Shikhzakhirli, Gushchu mud volcanoes and the Dashli mud volcano in the Caspian Sea have been recorded.

During his speech, the general director also spoke about the results of geophysical, geodynamic and geochemical studies. According to him, the liberation of our lands from occupation under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief set important tasks for the RSSC in terms of studying the seismicity of Karabakh, as in all other areas. Therefore, the work plan of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS to ensure the conduct of seismic exploration in Karabakh and adjacent territories in 2021-2025 includes the installation of 10 seismic stations in the liberated territories. These stations will be installed after the existing mine threat has been removed.


Noting that 22 new seismic stations were brought to our country within the framework of an international grant project, the professor said that 3 of these stations have already begun their work, and the process of installing other stations is also underway. According to him, 12 of these stations will be installed around mud volcanoes, which will be the first in the world to monitor volcanoes and study the processes taking place in them.

The report also touched upon the issues of international cooperation of the RSSC. It was noted that the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS, which currently cooperates with seismological centers of more than 30 foreign countries, also achieved successful results in the field of international cooperation in 2021. Thus, during the year, important discussions were held in the field of bilateral cooperation and the implementation of joint projects with universities and organizations such as the University of Oxford, Great Britain, the Department of Earthquakes of the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Scientific and Technological Center of Ukraine, European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), University of Missouri (USA), French-Azerbaijani University, Strasbourg University, Institute of Earth Sciences and Seismic Monitoring Center of Ilia State University of the Georgian Republic, National Autonomous University of Mexico and Seismological Center of Mexico, University of Cambridge Great Britain.

The Center regularly informs the population about earthquakes in the country through the website It also provides access to information about the activities of the RSSC in social networks (Wikipedia, Facebook, Telegram, and YouTube).

After the presentation of the report, the general director of the RSSC answered the questions of the employees of the Department of Earth Sciences of ANAS. The report was accepted by the Department representatives.

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