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RSSC employees received 48 certificates within the framework of the 4SI Academy project

11 January 2024
RSSC employees received 48 certificates within the framework of the 4SI Academy project

As part of the cooperation of the Center for Analysis and Coordination of the Fourth Industrial Revolution under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the American company “Coursera”, trainings organized by the department of the Electronic Academy of ANAS were completed.

Five employees of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS took part in the training - head of the HR department Farida Akhundova, head of the Electronic Services department Vusala Rafiggizi, senior researcher of the department Altay Djafarov, editor of the department Nurana Mammadova and employee of the Department of Document Processing Rugiya Huseynova.

RSSC employees received certificates within the framework of the 4SI Academy project on the topics Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Ethical and Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Design, Successful Presentation, Leadership Teams: Creating an Effective Team Culture, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Program Processes and Agile Practices, Storytelling and Influence: Effective Communication, Information Presentations Using Google Slides, Research Design: Survey and Discovery, Creating a Business Presence through Facebook Marketing, Multimedia Technologies, Innovation Management, Managing International Organizations, Management Skills for International Business , Introduction to HTML5, Professional Use for Presentation Creation, Experimental Design Fundamentals, Information Literacy, Machine Learning Fundamentals: A Case Study Approach, Responsive Website Fundamentals: Code Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Innovating with the Canvas Business Model. Head of the Electronic Services Department Vusala Rafiggizi received 32 certificates in 3 areas within the course: Inter-organizational cooperation at the level of law and international law, personnel management, mediation and resource management, application of electronic services, innovation and presentation; Organization of electronic services, presentation systems and software, presentation in the media, social networks and marketing; benefits and legal issues that artificial intelligence can create. Among the top five leading universities in the world in areas of application are “Management Skills for International Business” (University of London), “International Organizations Management” (University of Geneva), “Innovation Management” (Erasmus University), “Internet of Things: Multimedia Technologies” (University of California, San Diego), Speaking Skills for University Success (2 certificates from the University of California Irvine), “Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters” (University of Maryland), “Ethics of Artificial Intelligence” (2 certificates from the Polytechnic University of Milan), Preparing to Manage Human Resources (University of Minnesota), “Successful Presentation” (University of Boulder, Colorado), “Design Thinking for Innovation” (2 certificates University of Virginia), “Leadership Through Social Influence” (Northwestern University, USA), “Organizational Behavior: How to Manage People” (University of Navarre, IESE School of Business), “Strategic Management” (Copenhagen Business School), “Influencing People” (University of Michigan), Adaptability and Resiliency (University of Davis California), “Storytelling and influencing: Communicate with impact” (McGuire University), “Software Processes and Agile Practices” (University of Alberta), “Mediation and Conflict Resolution” (ESSEC School of Business), “Job Success: Get Hired or Promoted in 3 Steps” (State University of New York), Research Design: Inquiry and Discovery (University of North Texas), Intercultural Management (ESCP School of Business), “Leading Teams: Building Effective Team Cultures” (Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois).

Nurana Mammadova, editor of the Electronic Services department, received certificates in the programs Innovating with the Business Model Canvas” (University of Virginia), “Responsive Website Basics: Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript” (University of London), Successful Presentation (University of Boulder Colorado) , Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach (University of Washington), “Basic Information Literacy” (State University of New York), “Experimental Design Basics” (Arizona State University), “Introduction to HTML5” (University of Michigan).

Employee of the Document Processing Department Rugiya Huseynova received 3 certificates in the programs “Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects”, “AI for Everyone”, “Introduction to Generative AI”. The head of the HR department, Farida Akhundova, received 2 certificates “AI for Everyone” and “Preparing to Manage Human Resources” (University of Minnesota), and senior researcher of the Electronic Services department Altay Jafarov received a certificate under the “AI for Everyone” program.

In total, RSSC employees received 48 certificates as part of the 4SI Academy project.

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