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RSSC celebrated World Civil Defense Day

1 March 2022
RSSC celebrated World Civil Defense Day

On the occasion of March 1 - World Civil Defense Day, the Republican Seismic Survey Center (RSSC) of ANAS hosted an event on the topic "Civil protection and management of internally displaced persons during natural disasters and crises: the role of volunteers and the fight against the pandemic."


Speaking at the event, the executive director of the RSSC, doctor of philosophy in technical sciences, associate professor Rauf Muradov informed about the establishment of the World Civil Defense Day and the measures taken in this area in the countries of the world. Speaking about the work done in the field of civil defense in Azerbaijan, the executive director noted that no one is protected from accidents and natural disasters, and spoke about the need to take civil defense measures.


According to the head of the Civil Defense Headquarters of the RSSC Djahid Huseynov, timely evacuation of the population from dangerous areas during civil defense activities will minimize losses caused by emergency situations. The use of weapons of mass destruction as part of civil defense activities, as well as the possibility of natural disasters and major man-made accidents, should be planned, and resettlement carried out appropriately, depending on the situation.

The event also provided detailed information on civil defense measures taken by the RSSC.

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