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In connection with the Novruz holiday, an event was held at the RSSC

17 March 2023
In connection with the Novruz holiday, an event was held at the RSSC

On March 17, an event on the occasion of Novruz holiday was held at the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS. At the event, organized by the Trade Union Organization of the RSSC, spoke the General Director of the Center, Corresponding Member of ANAS, Professor Gurban Yetirmishli, who congratulated the employees on the Novruz holiday and conveyed the best wishes to them. He said that the Novruz holiday occupies a worthy place in the treasury of the cultural wealth of our people, as well as in the preservation of our national and moral values.


General Director of the RSSC Gurban Yetirmishli noted that the national holiday Novruz is celebrated in our country at the highest level. The General Director said that festive bonfires have already been lit on our lands liberated from occupation: “Under the leadership of our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, respected President Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani army liberated our lands, which had been under occupation for almost 30 years. For the third year now, large-scale restoration and construction work has been carried out at a high pace in our liberated lands, villages are being built, our cities are being rebuilt, and the Great Return has begun.” 

In conclusion, Professor Gurban Yetirmishli once again congratulated the employees of the Center and wished them success in their future activities.

Further, General Director Gurban Yetirmishli congratulated Nadirshakh Khanbabayev, Head of the Magnetometry Department, on his 70th birthday, as well as Elman Sariyev, Head of the Technical Control of Geophysical Instruments Department, on his 75th birthday.


The General Director of the RSSC awarded both anniversaries with a "Certificate of Honor" for their effective work at the Center.

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