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Employees of the RSSC won the Olympiad

2 November 2022
Employees of the RSSC won the Olympiad

The International Ecological Olympiad-Competition "Fundamental Sciences for Sustainable Development" was held for students of the CIS countries, organized by the Russian University of Chemical Technology named after D.I.Mendeleyev. 


Employees of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS - Khoshgadam Yusifova with the report "Improvement of saline and degraded soils", Narmin Takhlatli with the report "Improvement of human habitat ecosystems in areas where mud volcanoes are located in Azerbaijan" and Aygun Sultanova with the report "Methodology for taking into account the impact of anomalous changes in the geomagnetic field on human health" participated in the Olympiad and passed to the second stage.

In the championship held on October 31 among 20 teams of 80 people from the CIS countries, Aygun Sultanova, junior researcher at the “Magnitometry” department of the RSSC ANAS, won first place with the report “Assessment of the possibility of expanding permaculture projects in large agricultural areas”, and Narmin Tahlatli, engineer of the department of "Analysis and interpretation of seismic data", took second place with the report "Cyclic application of two types of bacteria - actinobacteria and cyanobacteria as biological fertilizers to reduce soil carbon loss and restore soil."

It should be noted that the winning teams advanced to the third stage and won participation in the Catalyst for Development program. 

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