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Discussion on the earthquake in Turkey

8 February 2023
Discussion on the earthquake in Turkey

An online conference was held on the Zoom platform with the participation of scientists from Turkey, Azerbaijan and a number of foreign countries regarding the earthquake that occurred in Turkey on February 8. The main topic of the conference was related to the devastating earthquakes that occurred in the Turkish cities of Gaziantep-Kahramanmarash.

The conference was attended by the head of the department "Dynamics of earthquake sources" of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS, doctor of philosophy in the field of geological and mineralogical sciences, associate professor Sabina Kazimova. The meeting discussed the earthquake and the aftershocks recorded after it, the tectonic structure of Turkey, historical earthquakes in the area where the earthquake occurred.

Sabina Kazimova, head of the RSSC department, made a presentation on the preliminary studies of the Center and the current situation related to the earthquake.

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