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Cooperation between the Mexican Seismological Service and RSSC begins

17 June 2021
Cooperation between the Mexican Seismological Service and RSSC begins

On June 17, Mexican ambassador to Azerbaijan Rodrigo Labardini and his deputy Alberto Aura Gonzalez visited the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS.

The meeting was attended by vice-president of ANAS, head of the Division of Earth Sciences, Academician Ibrahim Guliyev, general director of the RSSC, corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Gurban Yetirmishli, head of International Relations department Telman Jafarov and head of Information department Vusala Rafiggizi. General director of the RSSC ANAS, corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Gurban Yetirmishli thanked the ambassador for the initiative to hold the next meeting of the parties, recalling that he was already a guest at the RSSC in October last year. The general director informed the guests about the work done at the Center.


Professor Gurban Yetirmishli noted that the RSSC is expanding its international relations, adding that in the first half of this year, numerous meetings and discussions were held with the aim of establishing cooperation with Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the UK. In the near future, representatives of both universities will visit Azerbaijan. The general director also informed the guests about the seismic stations that will be installed in Azerbaijan within the framework of the "Expansion of the seismic network in the Caucasus and Central Asia" project, implemented with the support of the Scientific and Technical Center of Ukraine. Professor Gurban Yetirmishli said that 22 seismic stations have already been delivered to our country, adding that 12 of these stations will be installed around mud volcanoes. At present, intensive work is underway to install the stations.

During the meeting, the general director of the RSSC also spoke about the seismic stations that will be installed in Karabakh. “As you know, the past year has become a pleasant event in the life of our country and our people. A victory was achieved in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. We liberated our lands from occupation after 30 years, and now large construction work has begun in Karabakh under the leadership of Mr. President. Before the occupation, we had seismic stations in Aghdam, Djabrayil and Kelbadjar. During the occupation, the Armenians destroyed everything there, and you know about this destruction. There are enough images on this score. Therefore, now we will install new seismic stations in our liberated Karabakh. In general, this process will last until 2025 and 10 seismic stations will be installed in Karabakh by the RSSC. After the installation of these stations, we will carry out comprehensive seismic surveys there."

The ambassador of Mexico to Azerbaijan Rodrigo Labardini said that he was glad to visit the RSSC again and said that the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Mexican Seismological Service had sent proposals on cooperation with Azerbaijan. Noting that the experience of Azerbaijani seismologists in the field of seismic research and the study of mud volcanoes is of interest to Mexico, the ambassador noted that the country offered to hold discussions at the expert level and sign an agreement on cooperation.

Vice-President of ANAS, academician Ibrahim Guliyev, touching upon the priorities of cooperation with Mexican universities, said that this is possible both within the framework of large international projects and on a bilateral basis. The vice-president of ANAS also informed the guests that a new stage in the study of mud volcanoes will begin after the installation of seismic stations around mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan, and expressed the hope that cooperation in this direction will be beneficial for the parties.

Discussions did not rule out the possibility of Mexican universities joining the RSSC megaproject with Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the UK. Following the discussions, the parties agreed to prepare proposals on cooperation and continue discussions in this area.

At the end, a memorial photograph was taken.

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