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Azerbaijani seismologists showed courage at the front

27 November 2020
Azerbaijani seismologists showed courage at the front

On September 27 of this year, as a result of large-scale provocations of the Armenian armed forces against our country at the front line, intensive shelling of positions of the Azerbaijani army and our civilian settlements from artillery installations of various calibers, the Azerbaijani army under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev launched a counterattack. In the 44-day Patriotic War, our glorious army under the leadership of our victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief defeated the enemy.


Five employees of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of the Azerbaijan  National Academy of Sciences - Major Geray Asadov, Lieutenant Sadig Hadjiyev, soldier Mahir Agazadeh, soldier Elsever Rahimov, soldier Sarvat Gurbanzadeh took part in the Patriotic War for the liberation of our occupied lands. Our employees, who joined the army from the first days, fought heroically in different directions of the front, showing special activity in the battles for the liberation of our lands from occupation.


Lieutenant Sadig Hadjiyev, as a result of a mortar explosion in heavy battles for Jabrayil, Gubadly and Zangilan districts, lost his ability to hear and speak for two days. Nevertheless, our officer continued to fight. Currently, our employee continues his military service in Shusha. Other employees of the RSSC also showed particular courage in the Patriotic War. At the same time, among the seismologists there are our employees, whose children have died at war. We wish all our soldiers and officers who died for their Motherland the repose of their souls and the mercy of Allah!


It should be noted that the public union "Association of Seismologists of Azerbaijan" transferred 10 thousand manat to the Fund for Assistance to the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan to support our army. Financial assistance was also provided to the families of our employees fighting at the front.

As a result of a worthy response by the Azerbaijani army to the enemy, the Jabrayil, Fizuli, Shusha, Gubadly, Zangilan districts, the townships of Hadrut, Sugovushan and more than 200 villages were liberated from occupation.

According to the trilateral agreement signed by Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia on November 10, the enemy has already left the territory of Aghdam and Kelbadjar districts, and these areas came under the control of the Azerbaijani army. The territorial integrity of our country will be ensured on December 1 by transferring Lachin to the Azerbaijani side.

Long live the Supreme Commander-in-Chief!

Long live our brave warriors!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

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