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Attention press representatives!

10 February 2023
Attention press representatives!

Dear media representatives!

After the earthquake that occurred in the Republic of Turkey on February 6, 2023, statements by some “experts” that an earthquake will also occur in Azerbaijan are circulating on social networks and in some media.

We would like to stress with regret that in a number of cases, media representatives also refer to similar provocative articles that are far from reality and written with the aim of creating panic among the population.

In connection with all this, we declare that the provocative information disseminated on social networks has no basis. We urge our citizens not to believe such rumors and to carefully follow the statements of official institutions.

The seismic situation on the territory of the republic is monitored by a network of seismic stations of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS, and currently seismicity in the country is at the background level.

Do not believe the spreading provocative rumors!


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