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22 new seismic stations to be installed in Azerbaijan

12 June 2020
22 new seismic stations to be installed in Azerbaijan

With the support of the Science and Technology Center of Ukraine, the Republican Seismic Survey Center of AzerbaijanNational Academy of Sciences has launched the project "Seismic Network Expansion in the Caucasus and Central Asia".


The aim of the project is to expand the seismic network of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of AzerbaijanNational Academy of Sciences, updating the technology park for use in seismic research. For this, 22 new seismic stations will be built in Azerbaijan. Twelve of these stations will be installed around the mud volcanoes of Bozdag-Gobu and Lokbatan in the Absheron region, which will allow monitoring the activity of these volcanoes. In addition, seismic stations, which will be installed at a number of points along the coast of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan, as well as on the islands, will open up opportunities for a more detailed study of seismicity and the deep structure of the Caspian Sea by tomographic methods, exchange of seismological data with neighboring countries.


An online meeting was held in the framework of the project with the participation of about 30 seismologists from Azerbaijan, the USA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. The meeting was attended by the General Director of the Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS, corresponding member of ANAS, professor GurbanYetirmishli, head of the International Relations department of RSSC ANAS TelmanJafarov, system administrator of RSSC RugiyaKerimova, project manager of international cooperation of the Scientific and Technology Center of Ukraine Elena Taberko, Chief Engineer of the Seismological Laboratory of the Department of Geological Sciences of the Michigan State University Daniel Burk, Director of the National Information Center of Kazakhstan NataliyaMikhaylova, Head of the Seismological Projects Department of the Livermore National Laboratory, RenginGok, President of the United States Institute of Seismological Research (IRIS) Robert Woodward, Coordinator of the placement of IRIS stations, Ryan Bierma, Manager Bob Busby, Program Manager Catherine Hafner, Station Specialist Jeremy Miner, Project Manager Casey Aderhold, Professor Kevin Mackey from the Department of Earth Sciences and the Environment Michigan State University, Director of the Center for Seismic Monitoring of Georgia, Tea Godoladze and others.

It should be noted that currently in the republic there are 35 permanent seismic stations of RSSC. In addition, 17 stationary basaltic seismic stationsoperate within the framework of the “Caucasus Transect” project, as well as 10 ground vibration monitoring stationary basaltic seismic stations. After the installation of new stations, a total of 84 seismic stations will operate in the country. Based on the exchange of information during the conducted studies at RSSC, the data of 3 seismic stations of the Center for Seismological Survey of Georgia and 2 seismic stations of Turkey located in the border region are used.

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